Max Tech Products began from the desire of Burrus Beshore to bring helpful products to the hardware and home center industry. He has been trying to make things work better since childhood, and comes from a family of inventors. During his 24 years of hardware store experience, the frustrations of many of his customers led to the development of new products.

About twenty years ago, he noticed how many people were coming into his store with glide problems, specifically the cup glide for wrought iron patio furniture. After extensive research, he concluded that there was nothing else on the market that would work as an improved replacement, and that the furniture was extremely popular and had been made essentially the same for over almost a century!

Patent searches yielded nothing either, so the development began. After extensive testing and prototypes, research into plastic properties, adhesives, foam and more, the patents were written. Thus began the quest for design, packaging and a means of marketing. About this time, a long-time friend David Wray became a partner and the business was off! David had over 20 years in the jewelry business and customer service, and brought his expertise to work with Max-Tech.

The company operates in an office warehouse in Englewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. All the components are manufactured locally, and then usually packaged by the handicapped in various workshops. The finished product is shipped from the Englewood facility to dozens of catalogs and manufacturers, as well as hundreds of retailers around the country.

  • No more gouges out of your deck and flooring

  • Designed for Cast, Wood and Iron Furniture

  • Protects wood, tile, Trex, brick, pavers and more

  • Easy to install with all inclusive parts

  • Easily glides across all surfaces