The Forever Glides for Wood furniture were a natural extension after the development of the Forever Glides for Iron furniture. What many people discovered was that the amazing qualities of acetyl resin, coupled with the self-leveling properties of the foam disc, would be great for the angled and uneven legs of wood furniture.


First, a few words about the plastic:  Many prototypes and exhaustive testing led to the current design of Forever Glides for Wood.  They are made of a special, high-grade acetyl resin, commonly known as delrin® (Dupont’s trademark).   Replacement glides generally aren’t made of such a high strength plastic, because the manufacturers want them to wear out!  Delrin® is so durable, when it was designed, the developers at Dupont believed it would actually replace steel!  What they also discovered was that it had remarkable properties of slickness.  Ah-Ha! – a super-durable plastic that also has slick properties.

In comes the foam disc.  We discovered that by using special, high-density foam (similar to scuba diver wet-suit foam), and putting high-strength waterproof adhesive on both sides, we had the perfect “coupling” between the glide and chair.  Now for the very best part:  The dense foam disc has a natural, self-leveling tendency at each leg!  That means that slight manufacturer inaccuracies, not to mention the usual angle of the leg, no longer posed a glide problem.  When the weight of the chair and its occupant press against the foam and glide combo, the whole surface of the glides can evenly slide on the floor.  Obviously, if an entire surface, compared to one edge, can take the wear—everything lasts a lot longer.  And don’t forget, the slick and durable delrin® makes even the heaviest chairs or furniture move easier.

Our testing proved that we needed one more element to make the Forever Glides for Wood really work great: the insert cup.  With the years of experience with the Forever Glides for Iron, we knew that the weld-cup on iron furniture kept the glide-and-foam assembly from “shearing” from the leg bottom.  If just the glide-and-foam was pressed on the bottom of wood legs, with continued or severe use, the glides could get knocked off.  Plus, with the porosity of wood, the adhesive could get wicked away in time and fail, just like other adhesive pads, carpet or even plastic stick-on glides.

So a miniature replica of the iron cup was created out of plastic.  This insert cup is screwed to the bottom of the chair leg, and then the glide-and-foam is pressed up into it.  Now you have virtually the ideal replacement glide.  The inventor actually worked for 24 years in a hardware store, and became exasperated at the number of people wanting a better replacement glides for their furniture.  People were tired of the sticky felt and carpet, and how they gathered lint, dust and animal hair.  They were tired of the nail-in versions and the terrible results when they wore out or failed.  So, by adding an insert cup to the already proven, Forever Glides for Iron principle, a great new glide for wood furniture was born.

Forever Glides for Wood furniture have been in severe, daily, commercial use for over 20 years now.  Many renowned furniture manufacturers use these glides as original equipment on their new furniture.  In fact, over 10 million have been used on iron furniture alone.  Many manufacturers of wood furniture are starting to use the Forever Glides for Wood, as well.  The great news is that you can put them on your furniture in a matter of minutes.  Sizes are 5/8’ x 1-1/4” rectangle, 1”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” round. Colors are Natural Oak, Dark Oak, and Pewter.  Check out where you can purchase the glides now!