1. Remove Old Glides

Turn the first chair over and remove any old glides. This may mean some careful prying, using the claw on a small hammer or even pulling them off with a pair of pliers. If the furniture had stick-on glides, peel whatever is left off of the bottom of the legs.

2. Clean Off Residue

Clean any residue off with a mild household cleaner, like “409”. If that doesn’t work, try a little “Goof-Off”, but be careful not to overdo it and possibly damage the finish of your furniture.

3. Drill Pilot Hole

Get your drill ready with a small drill bit. Test with a small bit (1/8”) in a couple holes right in the center of the leg. Get out one of the screws, put it through the hole in the cup and screw it into the leg. You want it to be firm, but not so hard that you start to strip out the screw. If it seems too hard, try a slightly larger drill bit (9/64” or 5/32”) and try again. It is then usually easiest to then go around and drill the holes on all the legs. Drill at least ¾” deep.

4. Get Cup and Screw Ready

Now put on all the cups. With the holes drilled, just feed the screws through the cups and attach them to the chair legs. It is usually quicker and easier if you put a Phillips bit into the drill and use it to drive in the screws, but you can use the screwdriver, if you prefer.

5. Remove Paper Liner

Now for the quick and simple part. Lay out the glides and foam and push out and discard the little, round cut-out in the middle of the foam. This step just helps make room for the screw head when the glide and foam are installed. Now removing just one side of liner paper from a foam disc. We find it easiest to press your fingernail on the side of the foam, just under the liner. This helps the liner to just “pop” free and be removed.

6. Apply Foam Disc

Press the foam onto the “webbed” side of the glide body. Those webs actually reinforce the glide for strength and help the adhesive foam to grip. Try to center the glide and press them firmly together. We usually just do this step to all the glides at once.

7. Remove Final Paper

Almost done. Just remove the remaining liner paper like you did before

8. Final Step

Press the glide/foam unit into the cup. Use two thumbs to make sure it makes good contact. Go around and do this to all the legs, then turn the chairs back over. They can be used immediately, but the foam gets most of its strength within 24 hours. Now you have furniture that fits your floor!